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Use these RSS feeds to get updates when a book is sold or your hourly Sales Rank.

The following links will download a file compatible with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or other spreadsheet program. Blank cells represent an unchanged Sales Rank.

Add a widget to your page to display your Sales Rank:

Sample: sales rank widget

Insert the following code on your webpage:

<!-- Start NovelRank Sales Rank Widget -->
<script src=""
type="text/javascript" ></script>
<a href=''>Amazon Sales Rank</a>
by NovelRank</noscript>
More info and options for the Sales Rank Widget...

Last Sale:
July Sales:11
June Sales:116
Current Rank: 13,812
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 194
Worst Rank: 49,593
Average: 9,331
Std Dev: 7,619

Last Sale:
July Sales:0
June Sales:1
Current Rank: 483,288
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 66,786
Worst Rank: 2,638,851
Average: 1,233,101
Std Dev: 741,842

Last Sale:
July Sales:1
June Sales:5
Current Rank: 17,505
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 78
Worst Rank: 174,051
Average: 34,114
Std Dev: 31,083

Are sales estimates 100% accurate?

Book sales estimates are still estimates, and for books selling a low volume ( less than 100 copies a month for instance ) the estimates are most likely accurate within 1%. In the end, it is all based on sales rank changes rather than sales numbers, and NovelRank should not be used to dispute hard sales figures from publishers or Amazon.... more FAQs