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by NovelRank</noscript>
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Last Sale:
July Sales:42
June Sales:116
Current Rank: 26,307
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 194
Worst Rank: 49,593
Average: 9,331
Std Dev: 7,619

Last Sale:
July Sales:0
June Sales:1
Current Rank: 988,314
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 66,786
Worst Rank: 2,638,851
Average: 1,233,101
Std Dev: 741,842

Last Sale:
July Sales:4
June Sales:5
Current Rank: 10,796
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 78
Worst Rank: 174,051
Average: 34,114
Std Dev: 31,083

My book image is missing or wrong!

Images get updated by Amazon, and NovelRank checks for new images every month and updates the image on NovelRank automatically. If a month has passed and it is still not updated, simply email me with the link to your book on NovelRank and I'll fix it (usually within 24 hours).... more FAQs