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Use these RSS feeds to get updates when a book is sold or your hourly Sales Rank.

The following links will download a file compatible with Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or other spreadsheet program. Blank cells represent an unchanged Sales Rank.

Add a widget to your page to display your Sales Rank:

Sample: sales rank widget

Insert the following code on your webpage:

<!-- Start NovelRank Sales Rank Widget -->
<script src=""
type="text/javascript" ></script>
<a href=''>Amazon Sales Rank</a>
by NovelRank</noscript>
More info and options for the Sales Rank Widget...

Last Sale:
August Sales:2
July Sales:5
Current Rank: 302,335
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 10,395
Worst Rank: 309,247
Average: 145,861
Std Dev: 59,084

Last Sale:
August Sales:0
July Sales:3
Current Rank: 176,004
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 3,735
Worst Rank: 202,180
Average: 105,135
Std Dev: 47,936

Last Sale:
August Sales:0
July Sales:0
Current Rank: 191,862
Sales Rank Statschevron down
Best Rank: 2,552
Worst Rank: 190,904
Average: 78,632
Std Dev: 35,545

How much does NovelRank cost?

It's completely free; no advertising either! The site is supported by author donations and affiliate income when book purchases occur from Amazon click-throughs on NovelRank.... more FAQs