NovelRank Extensions for Firefox and Chrome Browsers

Thanks to a user request by Ryan W. I am happy to announce a very simple extension for the Firefox and the Chrome web browsers. It’s not a robust extension, but it will allow you to quickly access NovelRank from Amazon (and if the book is not yet tracked, add it for tracking quickly). Here is what the extension does on Amazon’s website:

When you click the button, a new tab/window will open and display the NovelRank page for the ASIN. However, if that book is not being tracked on NovelRank, the page will automatically redirect you to the tracking page, insert the book’s ASIN, and with one-click you can start tracking it. Neat trick, right? You can download it below for the browser of your choice (sorry Internet Explorer, no soup for you).

Download for Firefox (left-click and choose Allow)

No further instructions necessary; just restart after installing and visit Amazon.

Download for Chrome (right-click and Save link as…)

chrome-extensions-menuTo install it in your Chrome browser, you will need to open the extensions page in Chrome.

chrome-extensions-drag-and-dropOnce the window is open, you will need to drag-and-drop the downloaded file (NovelRank.user.js) onto the window to complete the installation.

Bonus: Greasemonkey Script

If you would prefer to install the Greasemonkey script for Firefox rather than as an extension, simply download the Chrome file above.

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2 Responses to “NovelRank Extensions for Firefox and Chrome Browsers”

  1. Kirk Spader says:

    Great! Thank you for this

    Kirk Spader

  2. What a wonderful idea! Thank you very much!