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Last Sale:
Current Rank:12,886
September Sales:4
August Sales:113

Last Sale:
Current Rank:7,147
September Sales:1
August Sales:53


Last Sale:
Current Rank:79,091
September Sales:0
August Sales:12


Last Sale:
Current Rank:48,232
September Sales:0
August Sales:8


Last Sale:
Current Rank:47,554
September Sales:0
August Sales:2


Last Sale:
Current Rank:126,621
September Sales:0
August Sales:0


Last Sale:
Current Rank:70,115
September Sales:0
August Sales:0


Last Sale:
Current Rank:46,695
September Sales:0
August Sales:0


Avg Last Sale:146 days
Avg Rank:54,793
September Sales:5
August Sales:188
2015 Sales:5438

Oldest Rank Data Format
Mar 6, 2013 2am Kindle Edition
Author(s) Edition Publisher
1 Bookouture

Sales Rank Statistics

As a PRO user's book, salesrank statistics are automatically calculated (1 hour delay).

Best Rank Worst Rank Avg Rank Std Dev
com 47 149,390 15,253 19,124
uk 114 109,747 8,549 15,446
de 1,665 180,859 25,388 20,917
ca 68 105,009 20,994 17,427
fr 989 124,207 29,565 26,126
it 53,994 126,621 101,823 16,265
es 881 198,985 44,070 41,992
in 467 46,695 34,887 10,693

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