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Last Sale:
Current Rank:37,134
July Sales:60
June Sales:412
Reviews: (321)

Last Sale:
Current Rank:7,400
July Sales:64
June Sales:57
Reviews: (159)


Last Sale:
Current Rank:108,722
July Sales:1
June Sales:13
Reviews: (6)


Last Sale:
Current Rank:56,631
July Sales:4
June Sales:14
Reviews: (3)


Last Sale:
Current Rank:79,827
July Sales:2
June Sales:1
Reviews: (1)


Last Sale:
Current Rank:142,210
July Sales:0
June Sales:2
Reviews: (1)


Last Sale:
Current Rank:84,226
July Sales:0
June Sales:2
Reviews: (0)


Last Sale:
Current Rank:106,680
July Sales:0
June Sales:0
Reviews: (0)


Avg Rank:77,854
All Time Sales:33668
July Sales:131
June Sales:501
2016 Sales:1738

Oldest Rank Data Format
Dec 31, 1969 4pm Kindle Edition
Author(s) Edition Publisher
1 Bookouture

Sales Rank Statistics

As a PRO user's book, salesrank statistics are automatically updated in real-time.

Best Rank Worst Rank Avg Rank Std Dev
com 66 65,291 19,087 15,287
uk 254 54,706 11,257 8,335
de 4,537 110,093 63,506 28,400
ca 16 69,602 32,301 21,030
fr 1,616 83,556 58,229 20,351
it 5,528 162,168 129,385 30,857
es 1,372 98,492 72,585 22,715
in 467 106,680 51,619 25,887

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