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Last Sale:
Current Rank:9,032
November Sales:1048
October Sales:1146

Last Sale:
Current Rank:7,486
November Sales:59
October Sales:461


Last Sale:
Current Rank:63,053
November Sales:12
October Sales:9


Last Sale:
Current Rank:9,546
November Sales:23
October Sales:182


Last Sale:
Current Rank:62,887
November Sales:0
October Sales:4


Last Sale:
Current Rank:140,183
November Sales:0
October Sales:0


Last Sale:
Current Rank:83,878
November Sales:0
October Sales:0


Last Sale:
Current Rank:31,872
November Sales:1
October Sales:3


Avg Rank:50,992
All Time Sales:31703
November Sales:1143
October Sales:1805
2015 Sales:8497

Oldest Rank Data Format
Mar 6, 2013 2am Kindle Edition
Author(s) Edition Publisher
1 Bookouture

Sales Rank Statistics

As a PRO user's book, salesrank statistics are automatically updated in real-time.

Best Rank Worst Rank Avg Rank Std Dev
com 47 149,390 14,623 18,441
uk 114 109,747 8,381 14,844
de 1,665 180,859 27,736 22,178
ca 18 105,009 20,955 17,721
fr 989 124,207 35,454 23,846
it 53,994 140,282 125,557 13,395
es 881 198,985 65,508 31,713
in 467 86,056 42,537 27,972

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