Palmistry 4 Today (HB with Diploma Course)


The hardcover of Palmistry 4 Today (HB with Diploma Course) is currently ranked 2,068,662 on according to NovelRank's collected data. Published by LSA/Flare, the book's Amazon sales rank has been tracked for a long time, starting on September 10, 2011. In that time, author Frank C. Clifford has seen the book peak at a ranking of 258,456.

Across all print and digital formats of the book, more than 3 fans have chimed in with praise for Palmistry 4 Today (HB with Diploma Course), and so far during the month of June, NovelRank estimates that 1 copy was sold. Compared to last month's sales, it is on track to surpass it this month, with the most recent sale occurring 2 weeks ago.

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