An Apology – 3 Hours of Unavailable Details

Sorry. So very sorry. This is why you don’t write code early in the morning without a good night’s rest.

From 8am MDT till 11am MDT on April 6, 2010, book details pages were unavailable, generating an error message instead. Early this morning, I was fixing a bug to allow for a book I saw come into NovelRank that was only available on It was something I had never expected would occur, and thus there were a few tweaks that needed to be made so that: a) the book could be added, b) the book detail page could be viewed.

In the process, I didn’t check to ensure I didn’t make any mistakes… or rather, check everywhere, namely the book details page. The bug was fixed because NovelRank user’s sent me an email that I unfortunately did not see till lunchtime at my full time job, so I was unable to correct it till then.

Once again, I’m very sorry, as this affects the reputation of myself and of NovelRank. Thanks for understanding.

Mario Lurig

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