Best Content for February 2010 – Voted by DreamHost Members

February 12, 2010. I’m proud to announce that Dreamhost members have voted NovelRank as the best website CONTENT for the month of February, 2010 with a rating of 7.75. From their February newsletter:

That is not a typo. That lower-case S is intentional! The February
2010 DreamHost Site Of The Month contest has FOUR winners, one each from four different categories! As judged by our customers, these are they:

#1 site for CONTENT with a score of 7.75:
“NovelRank – Amazon Sales Rank Tracking for Books”

#1 site for DESIGN with a score of 8.0:
“SOS Profissões – Helping young people to define their future”
(en Español)

#1 site for STRUCTURE with a score of 8.0:
“ – Realtime search across twitter, blogs, news, pictures
and videos”

#1 site for ORIGINALITY with a score of 8.5:
“A programmer that isn’t serious about Career”

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Thanks to the thousands of Dreamhost customers who have taken a look at NovelRank, and for those of you who are new, make sure you get in on the completely free Book Giveaway!

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