Sales Rank Tracking Widget Created!

SalesRank Widget

It’s the little things… There is now a widget for pulling in your current Sales Rank from NovelRank. This allows the viewers of your book blog (that you of course have to promote your book) to quickly track your sales rank and see how your book is performing! On each of the detail pages for books you’ll find the snippet, but here is a basic example of one:

type="text/javascript" >>
 href=''>Amazon Sales Rank>
by NovelRank>

You’ll notice inside the src tag in the beginning it ends with the ASIN number for the book (which is also used for the details page):

Just change that code for your books ASIN and it will now pull down the results for that book! There is also a currently secret flag you can add to disable all the default styling (for those who want to apply their own CSS to the embedded code). After the ASIN code and before the double quotation mark, add the following:


Thus the new link under the src tag would be:

Here is the HTML that was dynamically created by the widget and is written to your page when you use the above code:

 class="nr_title">Amazon Sales Rank:>
 style="display: block !important; visibility: visible !important;" class="nr_tag"> href="">Sales Rank> by>

Update: September 22, 2009

You can now specify the domain you wish to use! Just like the &styles=false example above, you can append the following:




The default (if nothing is specified) is, but using the above values you can now have a widget for each domain NovelRank tracks!

Update: October 31, 2009

Three more domains now available:


Update October 5, 2010

Sample code of an embed using the UK domain addition:

type="text/javascript" >>
 href=''>Amazon Sales Rank>
by NovelRank>

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    2 thoughts on “Sales Rank Tracking Widget Created!

    1. Lexi Revellian

      I’ve spent half an hour trying to get the widget to show my UK sales. I can’t do it. Anything I change stops it working altogether.

      I have to say, your instructions could be clearer. What would be good is if you gave the code for each country, so one just had to change the ASIN.

      I don’t normally have a problem with this sort of thing.



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