Search Tracked Books on NovelRank Now Available

Busy weekend! The final surprise for January 2010 is the addition of book search to the book tracking page. You can now search all the books tracked on NovelRank to see if yours is already tracked. Of course, if you know your book is tracked, but have no idea how to get to it, you are welcome to use the new feature as well. It’s a custom built search, so it will look for the most exact match first before going into a ‘looser’ search. Search by title or by author, your choice.

Book Search screenshot

Now, if you are just curious, you could just search and see what comes up! You never know what amazing independent book you may find! Start searching for books right now.

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5 thoughts on “Search Tracked Books on NovelRank Now Available

  1. Victor R. Volkman

    Hi we are publishers with more than 100 books in print. Could we just upload an excel spreadsheet with the ISBN numbers in it? The one-at-a-time interface is great for self-publishers but not for us. Any help appreciated.

    Victor R.Volkman, President
    Loving Healing Press Inc.
    Modern History Press (an imprint of …)

  2. ELPNPress

    This is really a great set of tools for authors and publishers. I’m really looking forward to watching you develop it further. I particularly like the ability to use twitter search for titles. Brilliant and forward thinking, since none of the other tools out there have has as many features Following you on Twitter and FB now. Cheers!

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