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Sorting Book Results on User Pages

user page book sortingHey look, another new feature based on user feedback! I’ll be honest, I never considered this because I track so few books, but for those publishers or crazy productive romance novel writers tracking TONS of books, there is now a way to quickly sort the books on your User Page.

The default was always the order in which they were added to your User Page through the Account Management section. Well, now there are some sorting options at the top of the page, including:

  • Default: Same as before, based on the order the books were added to your user page
  • SalesRank: Pretty straightforward, the lower the rank the higher up on the page
  • Recent Sales: The books with the most recent sales will be at the top
  • Month Sales: Based on the total number of sales in the current month

sorting - editingsorting - click to edit

Your default sorting preferences have been added as an option in Account Management!

Simply click on the Sorting section and choose which option you would prefer. Once chosen, click Change to save your changes.

When you return to your User Page, it will now display using your selected Sorting order!

Book Sales Worldwide Shown on User Pages

If you use the User Accounts feature to view multiple books on one page, you are limited to a single location at a time (Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, etc.). However, based on user feedback, you can now get sales rank, book sales worldwide for the current month and for the entire year by hovering your mouse over any book in your list:
User Page Qtip All Domains

There is a half-second delay before the pop-up appears to ensure it doesn’t happen accidentally. It will also disappear when you leave that current book’s row, automatically. This request was one of the top request on the user page feedback survey, found on the left side of your user page. If you haven’t filled it out or if you have and you want to change your answers, you are more than welcome to do so.

As a space consideration, book sales in the table only show the current month. Like this feature? Consider donating to support the 2010 donation drive.

Book Sales Rank Tracking Improved on User Pages

Following 5 steps to get anything done stinks! Thanks to feedback from a user (Gordon), there are some improvements for those who are using the User Accounts feature to track book sales rank.

Now, once you Login to your User Account to manage the books on your User Page, a cookie is set in your browser that will follow you as you move around NovelRank. If you then go over to the Sales Rank Tracking page and add a new book to NovelRank, the book will be automatically added to your User Page! Go ahead, applause is appropriate.

This takes a previously 5 step process for each book down to 1 step: start tracking the book.

As a reminder, you must go to the User Accounts Admin page first to get the cookie before this will work, and if you add books from a different computer or browser, it will not happen automatically, so it is 95% effective; A dramatic improvement over 0%.

Problems with Adding Books to User Pages?

I’ve had some reports through the User Pages feedback survey that some people have been unable to add certain books to their user pages. I have not had the issue myself, so my guess it is either something obscure or based upon books that have unique attributes. So, I’d love to solve the problem, but I need more information. If you are experiencing the issue, please follow these steps and send me a report of the issues you are experiencing:

  • What is the search term you are using to find the book?
  • What is the exact title and format of the book that was found (and you want to add)?
  • What error message do you receive or what event occurs?
  • What is your username?

Send me an email with the above info:admin@novelrank.com. Thanks for helping NovelRank become a better service.