Tracking Kindle Sales Rank for Kindle Books Now Available (Again)

Amazon Kindle 6"I’m very very (very very very) thrilled to announce that NovelRank has overcome Amazon’s limits and is now capable of tracking Kindle Edition books again! Kindle tracking is a heavily requested feature, and NovelRank is the only Kindle tracker available on the web at this time. Just like the rest of the books on NovelRank, this also means that besides tracking Kindle sales rank, you will also receive Kindle sales estimates.

You can add Kindle books on the book tracking page, as well as see the Top 10 best selling Kindle books. This is a critical improvement for 2011, because Amazon has already stated that on Christmas Day (December 25) 2010, it was the first time ever that Kindle books outsold all other formats. While I personally love the feel and the smell of a print edition book, I can definitely see the draw for some people who come to rely on e-ink and digital e-books.

There are 2 limitations however with the implementation: The edition will always be 1, and I cannot track the number of reviews for that book (this is something NovelRank collects for all books, but until I’m checking for new reviews regularly, it is not part of the data that is shown on the site). These are pretty minor and definitely not deal breakers, but NovelRank is all about transparency, so it was worth a mention.

Fair warning, there has been notably less data about Kindle book sales history and sales rank tracking in the past few months, so there will still be some adjustments in the coming months to the sales estimates that are generated. For now, just like all other book formats, Kindle books with average to low volume of sales will be very accurate. Heavy sales of Kindle ebooks will probably be slightly off; after all, these are still estimates. Feedback is always welcome, leave a comment below. Oh, and tell your author friends. :)

Update: February 11, 2010
Be advised that Amazon does not offer any affiliate payments (how NovelRank stays running) based on Kindle ebook purchases. If tracking your Kindle book exclusively on NovelRank is providing a valuable service for you, please consider:

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      AWS allows you to pull results just from the Kindle Store. Check the AWS documentation. Be advised, this requires more programming knowledge than a wordpress plugin. Contact admin[at]novelrank{dot}com directly with further questions.

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