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Amazon SalesRank is the ranking (lower is better) of a book on and is updated hourly by Amazon. NovelRank tracks these changes and notes when a book has sold.

It's completely free! The site is supported by author donations, Amazon bounties, and affiliate income when book purchases occur from Amazon click-throughs on NovelRank.

Book sales estimates are still estimates, and for books selling a low volume ( less than 100 copies a month for instance ) the estimates are most likely accurate within 1%. In the end, it is all based on sales rank changes rather than sales numbers, and NovelRank should not be used to dispute hard sales figures from publishers or Amazon.

No. Amazon doesn't offer historical sales rank data, thus NovelRank only collects sales rank data and estimates sales from the date/time tracking was started within NovelRank.

No. You can view any single book's statistics or trigger Sales Rank tracking simply by interacting with NovelRank. Creating an account allows you to track multiple books and compare results.

Books go inactive during "free" promotions and if the book hasn't been viewed on NovelRank in a while. Reactivation is as simple as clicking the "inactive" link shown on the book's page.

The change in sales rank will occur anywhere from 3 to 12 hours later. This is at the sole discretion of Amazon and may vary due to holidays, category, domain, and any number of other factors we don't know about.

No, sorry. I had to make the decision to exclude them because a lot of audio formats use similar descriptors, for instance podcasts. Thus it's a whole other world of trouble (there is a limit to the number of rankings I can collect per hour).

ASIN is the unique product code assigned by Amazon to all of their products, much like a barcode for a product purchased in a store. For many books with a 10-digit ISBN, this is the same as the ASIN. However, it varies for Kindle Edition and for ISBN-13 books.

If your image is updated on Amazon, you need to let NovelRank know about the change using the button on the book's page (under the DETAILS tab). Updates take 24 hours.

All Amazon domains (.com,, .ca, .de, .fr,, .it, .cn, .in, and .es). Some other sites track as well, however Barnes & Noble updates are only monthly, providing little benefit (check out for B&N). Amazon updates hourly.

NovelRank allows you to track up to 100 books on NovelRank, as it is targeted towards small publishers and individual authors. If you need to track more than 100 ASINs, check out NovelRank Enterprise Edition.

Amazon controls their API, which is what NovelRank uses to gather salesrank information. If Amazon has not setup the API in those countries, NovelRank must wait till they do.

Anything that generates revenue. This includes physical book sales, digital book sales (excluding FREE books), and Kindle Unlimited borrows.

NovelRank uses historical data to determine what constitutes 1, 2, or more sales based upon the change in SalesRank. It is a tool for showing real-time effects of marketing, type of sales (continuous, burst, etc), and not as an absolute sales number resource.

Contact me at and if you are the original author, I can remove it. However, be aware that it can be added again by anyone (I will not put blocks on tracking particular books).

Sometimes Amazon does a minor SalesRank 'correction', where SalesRank may drop slightly but will be a correction by Amazon for changing inventory, not an actual sale. This once occurred for 36 hours straight!

If a book's statistics have not been accessed in the past 2 months, it may be marked as inactive and only historical data will be available until it is activated again.

I'm happy to hear about your feature requests to help make NovelRank better! You can email:

12 months is the current plan for books that are actively listed on Amazon. After 18 months, old sales rank information may be archived and unavailable. Books that no longer have a SalesRank will be removed after 3-6 months of inactivity.

Yes, of course. A common reason is if you do some of your own marketing or don't get real-time results from your publisher.

No and Yes... NovelRank uses Amazon's API to get information from Amazon. NovelRank abides by all the terms and conditions set forth by Amazon when using their API.

Pacific Time. That is GMT/UTC - 8 unless it is Daylight Saving Time in the US, and then it would be GMT/UTC -7.

NovelRank checks, by default, hourly. If there has not been a sale in a while however, the frequency will be reduced progressively to no less than once per day.

You can use facebook and twitter (Stay Informed section below) as well as email: FAQ Q&A| (Fastest)

If you ever provide your email address to NovelRank, it will only be used for communication related to and will never be sold. Be advised that if you make an account, the books being tracked will be visible to others whom have your username and unique link to your account page.

I'm 99% sure a subscription model would generate more revenue. However, it would also add complication, create a barrier to entry, and even $2/month could be 20% of the total after-tax royalty a self-published author generates. I want to be wrong though; I want donations from appreciative authors to match a subscription model's revenue.

NovelRank was created by Mario Lurig after exploring options already available online for tracking Amazon Sales Rank. After all, I'm a PHP book author. Not being satisfied, I started playing with Amazon's API to get the statistics on-demand. After a while, I started tracking more and more for my own benefit. Finally, I sat down, decided what myself and other self-published authors would want, and outlined what would become My hope is not only to get information for my own benefit, but also allow an outlet for other authors to be more involved in the success of their book. The more successful authors that are using NovelRank are, the more they will give back in donations for what NovelRank provides.

Courtesy of the Creative Commons License and Abhi Sharma on flickr: Books HD.

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