NovelRank FAQs

Why is NovelRank changing to Booktelligence?

Booktelligence purchased NovelRank to continue NovelRank’s mission of providing authors and publishers relevant data about their books’ online performance. While NovelRank was focused on Amazon sales rank, Booktelligence expands beyond that. It helps authors and publishers learn more about how and where their books are trending online and who is discussing them. Using a variety of data points including search volume, backlinks, sales trends, podcasts, social media mentions and more, this data allows authors and publishers to more efficiently and cost-effectively market their books.

Booktelligence makes it simple to understand how and where your books are trending, mentioned, and being discussed across the web. We take the parts of multiple online discoverability tools most relevant to books and combine them into one, easy-to-use, affordable tool. It’s for both the author who just wants to see a monthly snapshot of their book’s online activity, and for those who want to use it to discover new places and ways to market and promote titles.

What will Booktelligence Cost?

There will be a free version along with $10 and $25 monthly plans that contain more features, data, and marketing tools. The monthly plans will be discounted by 20% if paid for a year in full. And, all NovelRank members will receive an additional discount.

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